Tech Data has three Incident Response (IR) services that will help ensure your customers have the right capabilities in place to effectively respond and recover from cyber threats.

Plan Development

IR Plan Development can work directly with your customer on your behalf to deliver a cyber resilience policy and playbooks which integrate seamlessly with your customers' people and processes This plan includes customized technical and strategic guidance on effectively identifying, containing, and neutralizing suspected incidents to quickly help your customer recover and resume operations with minimal impact.

compliance and implementation

Readiness Review

IR Readiness Review provides your customer with strategic guidance on effectively detecting, containing, eradicating, and remediating suspected incidents and limiting their impact on the business. Our IR Readiness Assessment can also test for specific scenarios, which is an essential step to building robust incident response plans for your customer.


Incident Response Emergency service helps ensure your customers have the right cyber expert capabilities in place to quickly and effectively respond and recover from cyber threats. Our incident responders quickly engage your customer to provide immediate breach remediation assistance and resolutions.