Tech Data's Assessment Services evaluate the technical security of a customer's network in the form of vulnerability assessments, penetration testing or security profile assessments. The outcome of these services identifies security weaknesses and exploitable vulnerabilities with objective results and clear recommendations. This not only provides Tech Data's resellers a roadmap to recommend and deliver appropriate security products, but also services that best fit the customer's needs.

Penetration Testing

If you need a realistic look at your customer's cybersecurity defense posture, try our Penetration testing services. With Penetration testing, Tech Data can help you demonstrate necessary conditions and methods used to exploit vulnerabilities. Penetration testing also reveals pathways that lead to sensitive data disclosure and proves which exploitable vulnerabilities should be prioritized for remediation.

assessment services

Vulnerability Assessments

Tech Data's Vulnerability Assessments are security services that provide a comprehensive view of technical vulnerabilities and common misconfigurations attackers can exploit a customer's systems. Plus, it's combined with financial data for a full-risk analysis and can provide customers with methods to allocate limited resources efficiently.

Security Maturity Assessment

This complimentary assessment only takes forty-five minutes to perform and can reveal ample information on your customer's security practices. It starts with running your customer's system through an evaluation to gather information about their security controls. We'll help you reveal potential flaws in their infrastructure and compile a report for you to give to customers that contains a grade of their security network, a summary of events and a customized action plan to improve their security posture. In addition to our free assessment, we provide the technical support of one of our tenured security practitioners to assist you with navigating through the questionnaire at no additional charge. This assessment can also create a robust pipeline for partners to access while helping their customers. Click here for a downloadable copy of our Security Maturity Assessment (SMA).

Additional Assessments

Tech Data partners with various third-party service providers to provide additional assessment capabilities, including Security Risk Assessments, Physical Security Assessments, Physical Penetration Testing, Cisco Cloud (POV) and GDPR Assessments.