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AWS offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, and application services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. As a value-added Tech Data Cloud channel partner, you can help your customers develop or advance their cloud strategies.

Tech Data

Most Secure

Meets requirements for military, banks, high-sensitivity organizations.

Most Functionality

More than 165 fully featured services, including 40 unique to AWS.

Most proven operational expertise

Unmatched experience, maturity, reliability and performance at scale.

Most Customers and Partners

Largest Community of customers and partners.

Fastest Innovation

Thousands of new services and features released every year.

Cloud Management Platform

Leverage Tech Data's StreamOne platform to create a customer experience that matches your business model. Seamlessly connect all cloud services for easier provisioning, billing, and management.

Technical Training

Increase your skills with a professional curriculum to advanced certifications and defined sales enablement training courses.

Practice Building

Overcome common barriers in developing your AWS practice through a proven framework. Assess your position in the channel and focus on developing five strategic areas for a strong cloud foundation.

Selling Support

Grow profitably with our dedicated AWS team. Receive enablement training and co-selling support, pricing and program guidance, and specialized practice support.

Services Extension

Speed up your time to market, by offering advanced cloud services through our Cloud and Automation Services as you develop your own offerings.

AWS Program at a Glance

Amazon Partner Network (APN) Program Benefits

The APN portal is a pipeline building program for our partners. Track your progress toward APN Tier growth while increasing your profitability and access to more resources. Access AWS marketing content and campaigns to support your growth goals.

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Jumpstart Your AWS Practice

Tech Data Cloud is focused on making cloud things easy. Whether you are developing a cloud practice or ready to advance your vendor competency, Tech Data has the services, tools, and expertise to help you down the path. One Cloud Innovations set their sights on an aggressive goal that required a significant number of accreditations, certifications and references. Read more about their journey.

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AWS Cloud Atlas

This in-depth resource is your guide for navigating everything from learning the basics of the AWS partner program to unlocking advanced capabilities and scaling your AWS offering.

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Jumpstart a Profitable AWS Resale Practice

Expanding your cloud practice to include AWS resell provides more options and flexibility for your customers while allowing you to start up a new revenue stream. Tech Data has a platform with management tools and experts to help you expand your cloud services reselling AWS. Tech Data, together with our Public Sector-focused subsidiary DLT, is an Advanced Services partner in the invite-only AWS Distribution Path with several Competencies and Services Delivery Program designations (click on the badges below to learn more). Partner with Tech Data and AWS to accelerate your practice.

Power Your AWS Cloud

Manage multi-cloud billing through StreamOne Cloud Platform. We built StreamOne, our cloud platform, to provide a fast, robust solution for resellers. This unique cloud platform provides dashboards, analytics, custom storefronts, build your own solutions, and end-customer access and control so partners can quickly scale to market.


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Speed Time to Market

By leveraging the SES Cloud Platform, you can easily expand your offerings, build your own solutions and establish a custom storefront to extend your reach.

Create Competitive Differentiation

Address your customers evolving cloud needs with a full range of cloud providers, products and services powered by StreamOne cloud platform to complement your capabilities or fill any gaps.

Reduce Costs

Tech Data has fully integrated the cloud providers into a single platform and developed capabilities to automate procuring, provisioning, governance, billing, analyzing and reporting for efficient management of your cloud services business.

Scale Your Cloud Practice

While StreamOne helps you manage your cloud offering, you can utilize our team of cloud experts to assist with implementation, cloud practice building, and everything in-between.

Committed to APN Partner Success

As a global AWS Distributor, Tech Data supports APN Partners by offering services and solutions that simplify the route to success. Find out 8 ways that Tech Data supports AWS Partners.

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Professional Services

Tech Data’s Cloud & Automation Services practice enables channel partners to deploy Cloud workloads and applications.  ​ ​

Support for major Cloud toolsets focused on driving assessment and migration projects​. ​​

Instead of hiring additional W2 employees, with workflows, risk and resources required to do so, take on more customer challenges with our staff augmentation services​.

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AWS Cloud Atlas

This in-depth resource is your guide for navigating everything from learning the basics of the AWS partner program to unlocking advanced capabilities and scaling your AWS offering.

Access the Cloud Atlas

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If you haven’t already, make sure you are registered on the AWS Partner Portal. As a registered partner you can resell AWS and begin building a profitable cloud practice.

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