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We're proud to help businesses of all sizes improve their cloud practices. These stories highlight the ways Tech Data Cloud has helped real partners, and how they can help you.

A Platform to Improve Processes

Through Tech Data’s StreamOne cloud platforms, partners are able to choose the path that makes the most sense for their cloud growth. StreamOne makes it easy to expand your cloud portfolio and offer the best solutions to your customers. With customizable platform experiences from Tech Data, Presidio was able to seamlessly scale their business to support their customers’ rapidly growing cloud subscription needs.

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A True Service Partnership

When our partners need assistance meeting client needs, whether due to bandwidth or experience, the Tech Data Cloud and Automation Services team is here to help. That’s what happened when CCG needed to migrate their client’s Power BI environment to a personal environment. The Cloud and Automation Services team was able to work side-by-side with CCG to quickly develop a strategy and execute the migration without any interruption to their client.

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Empowering Success with Cloud Enablement

As our partners grow their businesses, they can continue to learn and adapt to customers’ needs using our enablement tools. When Surge IT needed to migrate their customers from a Pay-As-You-Go model to Cloud Solution Provider subscription, they took advantage of our Enablement resources and work with their dedicated Tech Data Azure specialist to build a customized enablement plan for technical, sales, and operational competencies.

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Customizable Cloud Solutions

Tech Data Cloud offers a comprehensive portfolio of vendors and tools to help grow partner cloud practices. When IT startup One Cloud Innovations wanted to accelerate their cloud growth with Amazon Web Services (AWS), they worked with Tech Data consultants to quickly tackle the training and certifications needed to reach their ambitious goals.

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